Every year, on a special day in May, we celebrate Mother’s Day. For many of us, that celebration may never have been possible without the privilege and honor given to us by the Birthmothers of our children. On the Saturday BEFORE Mother’s Day, we celebrate BIRTHMOTHER’S DAY and remember the women who gave us the ultimate gift of becoming a Mother! So, to the very special and loving Birthmothers that have touched my heart over the last 35+ years and to the Birthmothers who are part of my family, I remember you and you will always have a special place in my heart.

Just last week, a woman named “Laura” asked to ‘friend’ my husband Sam on Facebook. We both looked at her picture and were fairly certain she was the Laura we came to know and love over 35 years ago when she made an adoption plan for her daughter. Sure enough, we were right and were instantly reconnected. Laura told us she knows she made the right decision all those many years ago. What a beautiful lady that we will always love and respect.

Laura is just one of the special Moms who make the meaning of the word “Mother” so special. These very special mothers made the hardest and most selfless decision of their lives when they chose life and adoption, when they made a plan for their child’s future and placed their child above their own feelings. That for sure is the ultimate sacrifice any MOTHER can make.

To all the Birthmoms that may be reading this, thank you for the gift of your child into our lives. In our hearts, there will always be a very special place for you because without you, our dreams of becoming a “Mommy” may never have come true. We will always share the pride that we have in our children with you because you will always be part of who they are. When someone says “Happy Mother’s Day,” I am always reminded of all of the Loving Birthmothers who will always have a special place in my heart.