The Journey of “Hope”

Brittany's Birthmom BlogThe Journey of “Hope”

I had dreamed of being a mother since I was a child. I always knew deep down I would be good at it and I’d love every moment of motherhood. The day I found out I was pregnant with baby Hope, I had different feelings than when I was pregnant with my first two children. This unplanned pregnancy was a surprise, as I was in an uncommon situation. As time passed and my belly grew, I began to weigh the option of adoption. Continue reading


Brittany's-Birthmom-Blog-HeaderBrittany’s Blog will be a place where birth parents can learn from each other. Facing an unplanned pregnancy  can be stressful. The hope is that by sharing experiences and feelings, we can make this time less stressful and more supported. Here is Brittany’s journey through the decision to make an adoption plan.  We hope you’ll check in regularly.

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The Journey of “Hope”

Hope Arrives

An Open Letter to Birthmoms

Birthmother Adoption ServicesAs a kid, I grew up bouncing from one relative’s home to another’s because my parents had their own issues and couldn’t provide for me. It wasn’t long before I realized I was headed down the same road as my mom –toward a destination that definitely wasn’t good! When I became pregnant a few years ago, my heart told me that I should keep my child, but I knew that this baby deserved a better life than the one I had or what I could provide. I would not abort but give her the gift of life through adoption. I saw an ad in our paper, and called the number.   Andie answered in the middle of the night and spent lots of time talking to me and going over my options. I received profiles of waiting families and found the perfect couple to become the parents of my baby. Continue reading