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Licensed Non Profit Adoption Agency-What Makes ANA Different
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What Makes ANA Different


What sets ANA apart from others is our heart-felt sincerity and compassion towards every woman who calls inquiring about adoption and a possible plan for the child she is carrying.  We don’t take your decision lightly because we know this is the hardest choice you will ever make.  You aren’t doing this to make your life easier. In truth, you are doing this because you care for your child’s best interests and future above your own feelings.   You are the true definition of a mother’s love -- providing for this baby during the first and most important developmental period of their life and then setting a path for their future.   You child will always know how you loved and cared for them during your pregnancy and the sacrifices you made.   Below are some of the ways we consider ourselves different than others in the adoption field:

  • We conduct in-person interviews with every couple hoping to adopt through ANA.  We don’t just talk to them on the phone; we spend hours face-to-face learning about their story, reviewing their background checks and verifying all their documents.  Our agency representatives do an on-site visit to their homes and prepare a report.  When we ask you to trust that our families have impeccable credentials, you can be sure we have done our work on your behalf.   
  • Because we work with only 20 families at a time, we really get to KNOW all about them, their likes and dislikes, their beliefs and ideas on how they will raise their children.  We can share all of that with you and answer your questions!
  • We are a licensed, non-profit adoption agency, following the adoption laws of each state. One day your child will ask their adoptive parents how YOU found THEM.   You need to be proud of your decision and your path to his adoptive family.  When adoption is done with respect for all involved, you know your child’s parents will truthfully share your story, along with the brave decision you made and the legal manner you followed to secure their future and happiness.
  • Whether you need to reach us ten days after the birth of your baby or ten years, we are still here for you, 24/7, whenever a question or concern arises.  You get the same loving care whether you are still trying to make your adoption decision, while you are in the midst of your pregnancy or even months and years after your decision.  That’s because we really CARE!