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Adoptive Couples Screening Process-Adoption Home Study
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Screening Process

About the Adoptive Couples and how they are screened ...

At ANA Adoptions, we personally interview and meet with all of the couples who are seeking to adopt a child. They share with us their dreams of becoming a family and their hopes that a woman contemplating an adoption plan will choose them to be parents. For most people, becoming a parent is a fact of life that is taken for granted. For the couples that we assist, that has not been the case. Faced with infertility, they now must hope that someone somewhere will make their dream of becoming a family come true. But before that can happen, all couples are carefully screened before they are accepted into our program. They undergo a thorough “Adoption Home Study” that includes investigation of their home, background, finances and health records. Once we have carefully reviewed and approved all of their documents, their Adoption Profile is added to our Loving Families Section for your review.  If you wish to receive their entire Profile Book, or Adoption Profiles of any of our other families, we will happily mail them for you to review in the privacy of your own home.

Birthparents thinking about giving a baby up for adoption are urged to call for more information.