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Stephanie and Brian

Adoptive parents, Stephanie and Brian.Dear Birthmom,

It is our hope that you might feel encouraged to learn more about us after you’ve seen our photos and read our story as we share with you our dreams of becoming a family. As we write, we can only imagine how difficult a decision this must be for you, but we do know that you are thinking first and foremost of your baby’s future. Without you, we would not have the opportunity to have a family of our own and we want to express our thanks for considering us as potential parents for your baby.

We have been together for over nine years and married for four years. Brian and I have experienced many happy, as well as challenging periods in our time together. We were unable to conceive on our own and after several infertility treatments, we realized that the best choice to fulfill our dream of becoming a family would be through adoption. We know we are committed to each other because we have supported each other through these times. Our dream is to raise a happy, healthy child who loves life and can’t wait to experience all there is in the world.

About Stephanie and Brian

One of the best stories Brian and I like to share is how we met. It wasn’t in a bar or club or even through friends -- it was online! Brian sent a message that he’d like to talk to me and when I didn’t respond, he asked me again to message him back. Well, he was persistent so I gave in and thought it was worth the chance and I responded. We started by talking on the phone and then eventually we scheduled our first date which was a concert. After that concert, we began spending a lot of time together and it wasn’t long before we both realized we were falling in love. Our families were thrilled as they watched our relationship grow and were so happy when we became engaged!


Adoptive parents, Stephanie and Brian with their niece, Elle, newphew, Cole, and Stephanie's sister, Julie.

Stephanie and Brian with niece, Elle, nephew, Cole, and Stepahnie's sister, Julie

We have many common interests, including involvement in sports, working out, spending time with family and friends, and just working hard at our jobs. During summer weekends, you will find us relaxing on our deck and then grilling a delicious meal. While most people limit their barbeques to the warmer weather, we are known for grilling even when there is 2-3 feet of snow on the deck. We had to shovel our way from the door to the grill one time but it didn’t stop us! That’s how much we love to grill! Along with common interests, we also have individual interests which help balance our relationship. We have introduced each other to new things and that keeps our marriage lively. We respect each other’s decisions and are always communicating how we feel which is imperative to a cohesive and stable marriage.

We celebrate holidays with our families and often extend the invitation to our close friends. We love to get together with everyone, talk, and of course eat! We celebrate many birthdays with friends and often get together for occasions like cookie parties, BBQs, baby showers, football games, and concerts. We have a close knit group of friends who we consider family as well.

Our Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is only 5 minutes from the local elementary school which is in the district where Stephanie teaches. Our school district is always looking to meet higher standards and we are pleased to have our child educated here. There are many younger children in our neighborhood to play with. In the springtime and summer, they are always outside having fun and laughing. In the winter, there is a hill behind the neighborhood where the children go sledding and then go inside for some warm hot chocolate. We are ideally located about 45 minutes from Philadelphia and can take the train or car into the city for a day or weekend adventure. We are very lucky to be able to count on our neighbors if we need anything whether it is as simple as borrowing a few eggs or someone to help shovel the snow. Some of our closest friends are our neighbors and we do things together such as watch sporting events, have parties, go to a farmer's market or just sit on the deck and relax. In the past, we have had a summer block party and the fire truck comes for the kids to climb inside of and check out. It's nice to have neighbors that we can rely on, have fun with, and trust so much.


Adoptive mom, Stephanie, puts on a play with her students.

Stephanie and her students put on a play, The Three Little Pigs

I grew up with my parents and sister in a suburban neighborhood. We rode our bikes and played with our friends all summer long. In the winter, we went sledding and I spent many nights having sleepovers with my best friends. On Friday nights, it was always family night. We either had pizza or Chinese food and on Sundays, my dad made HUGE hoagies to eat as we cheered on our favorite football team, the Eagles. My parents were supportive and encouraged us to try anything we wanted. I had many opportunities such as playing piano and clarinet, trying gymnastics, swimming, tennis and Girl Scouts. When we were off from school in the summertime, my mom took us to the library at least once a week so that we could participate in the summer reading club and activities. It was a great experience and one that I still remember.

Ever since I was little, I knew I wanted to have a family which included children. It was never a question for me. I have always enjoyed spending time with children and over the years I have had fun babysitting, tutoring, teaching children to swim and even coaching our local swim team. I am an elementary school teacher and I truly love the profession I have chosen. It is so fulfilling to see a child’s eyes light up when he or she understands the concept being taught. It is important to me that every child have the opportunity to receive the best education possible and that is something I strive for everyday in my classroom. I am ready to have a child and look forward to the positive changes in our lives. I know there will be many sleepless nights but I actually can’t wait! It will be a challenging but very rewarding opportunity to raise a child who I love unconditionally. Having Brian as a partner will make being a parent that much more enjoyable.


I am the youngest of two boys and grew up three miles from my family’s farm. I had the opportunity to do many fun things on the farm like learn how to fish, play soccer and baseball, swim, go horseback riding, and ride a tractor. My grandparents ran a camp on the farm during the summer and my parents worked there as counselors. My brother and I spent our days with the other kids enjoying all that camp offered. I had so many positive role models and experiences with camp counselors and other campers.

My life was filled with family from the time I was born and I am still close with my extended family today. Fortunately, most of them live within a twenty minute drive so it’s easy to see them for holidays and day trips. We now live five minutes from my parents and brother and I often stop at their houses for a quick hello and to see how everyone is. My parents are looking forward to becoming grandparents and have already offered to help babysit when the time arrives. My brother is also looking forward to having a niece or nephew who can jam to music with him and act goofy and silly together. I have always assumed I would be a dad and will cherish every day even more once I hold my son or daughter for the first time.

In Closing

Brian and Stephanie are adoptive parentsBoth of us have achieved many of our goals in life, both independently and together. However, having a child to love and share our lives with is what is missing. We have so much to offer to a child and cannot imagine how much having a child will complete our lives. We are blessed to have caring family and friends who are supporting us during this journey and who cannot wait to play with and spend time with our child. Our parents were able to provide everything we needed and taught us excellent moral values which we want to pass on to our child. Laughter, kindness, and love are key concepts in our home. We loook forward to speaking with you.

We wish you the best of luck,
Stephanie and Brian


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