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Shannon and Carmine

Dear Birthmom:

We hope that the following words and pictures will give you a good sense of who we are and give you a look into some of the things your child will experience if we are chosen by you to become their parents. We promise to provide the child we are blessed to adopt a life filled with unconditional love, laughter, understanding, lots of family interaction and every opportunity within our power to provide.

Since our adoption journey began, we have thought a lot about what a birthmother must go through in the process of making this decision. We know that it is the ultimate sacrifice you can make in putting your child’s future first above your needs and we greatly admire your decision. While we respect all that you must be feeling we want you to understand how you would also be helping families like ours because, without someone very special like you, we might never have the chance to become parents and see our dream come true. Hopefully, we can walk through this journey together and you can feel confident that the decision you made was the right one at this time in your life.

About Us

We met on a blind date and pretty much have not left each other‘s side since. It didn't matter what we did, as long as we did it together. We were and still are SO MUCH IN LOVE! We dated for almost 3 years, had an amazing wedding and as far as we are concerned, our honeymoon never ended! We know that the love we share will last forever and we can’t wait until we can share all that we have with a child, hopefully one day soon.

We are best friends and love to spend all of our free time with one another. We like to entertain friends in our home, hang out with our families, go to concerts, travel, sing karoke and watch football on Sunday afternoons. We each have our own favorite teams and coach from the sidelines of our family room – you would think the real coaches were listening to what we were saying!!! While we don't always agree on everything (I don’t think many couples fit into that category), we definitely communicate well and appreciate each others opinions. No matter what comes our way we work through it together.

Our home is a good reflection of both our personalities. We have enjoyed decorating with each holiday and season and try to make it a warm and inviting place to come home to each day! We have a nice outdoor area that is great for BBQing and entertaining in the warmer months and there’s a park right outside our backdoor which feels like it’s part of our backyard. The inside of our house has a nice open floor plan that gives us the space we need to entertain in and will be the perfect home for the little feet of our expanding family.

We have a great family and friends network that care for us deeply. We each grew up with two other siblings and have big extended families. Family dinners and big holiday gatherings are a staple in our lives. No matter what holiday, there is a get-together to go with it. Since we got married, we have combined our families' traditions to help celebrate each holiday in a special way. Whether it is the Feast of Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve at Carmine's side of the family or celebrating St Patty's Day with Irish potatoes and soda bread with Shannon's side of the family, there is a family gathering for it. We have also spent lots of time with our friends and so many of them have children who we enjoy playing with and spoiling!

While we grew up with different family dynamics, we were both raised with strong values, strong work ethic, as well as huge amounts of love and support. We promise to raise our child in the same way in which we were raised, share those values with them and help them realize their dreams.

About Shannon

I am the oldest of three children. My childhood was filled with many wonderful memories. My Dad traveled a lot for business but when he was home we had his full attention. My mom was a stay-at-home mom until I was in high school and then worked part-time in a doctor‘s office. My mom was "home room mom" for everyone of us and we loved having her there to partake in school activites and chaperone our class field trips. I hope to continue this tradition when I become a mom too. My parents loved to take us on family vacations either to the shore or one of our many "road trips". My siblings and I were very involved in athletics and we all supported each other by going to each other‘s games. We also went to church every Sunday morning as a family and then headed out to our favorite restaurant for a hearty breakfast of pancakes or waffles or eggs!

Both of my parents come from big extended families so every holiday was a big celebration, from Pollyanna night at Christmas to huge picnics for Memorial Day. We saw my cousins on a weekly basis and it often felt like they were my siblings too – we were all that close!. To this day, we are still a very close-knit family even though some have moved far away. I am Godmother to two of my cousin’s children and also to a friend‘s little one. I take this role very seriously and treat them as if they were my own. I try to spend as much time as possible with my nephews and my "surrogate" godchildren, not to mention seeing our other friends children. We are included in many activites, including birthday parties, picnics, big family achievements and love being included in these events.

About Carmine

My family life when I was growing up was awesome.  I am one of 3 children, the older brother to my sisters, Rebecca and Christina. We did everything together as a family. My Dad was home on weekends and a lot of week nights, but he also traveled quite a bit for his job. My Mom worked part time as a nurse but was mostly a “stay-at-home mom” ...and she was AWESOME at it. We went on family vacations, had huge family gatherings for the holidays, and did things lots of things together, but what I remember most were the family projects! From finishing the basment, to landscaping the yard, to building furniture or makeshift ice skating rinks...we did these things together as a family! I'm a huge salt water fish and coral enthusiast and have made my business out of that passion and my love for all things that swim! I find it amazing that I can support my family doing something I truly love.

Throughout my junior high and high school years I developed friendships that have lasted to this day. My group of friends is incredibly close knit and there are ten of us, along with our families, that still make a point to get together for a weekend or two every single year. We are in constant contact with each other. All of them are extremely excited that we are hoping to become parents through adoption and can’t wait until we call them with the big news – hopefully one day soon!

In Closing

We cannot wait to start our family. We have both always known we wanted children. Having a family and raising children is our ultimate dream. We have so many wonderful things to offer a child and we can't wait to make it a reality. We look forward to meeting you and to gettting to know each other. If you do decide we might be the right couple to become parents to your baby, we want to assure you that you will always be held in the highest esteem in our child’s life. We would love to share photos and letters and updates with you through the years if that is something you would like to have. Our belief is that a child can never have too many people who love them and we know that you too will always love the child who you are making a life-long plan for. We hope we can join you and become part of that plan. No matter what you decide, we wish you peace and confidence as you go through your pregnancy.

All our best,
Shannon and Carmine


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