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Patty, Matthew and Logan
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Patty, Matthew & Logan

Dear Birthmother,

We admire and respect your strength, courage, and selfless love by considering an adoption plan for your baby. We are excited for this opportunity to share our lives and ourselves with you and hope we may bring you love and comfort in your decision now and years to come. We also hope that our story conveys to you that we are a loving, caring, and a happy family eager to give another child a life of love, security, adventure, and opportunity. Thank you for considering our family to unconditionally love and cherish your baby.

We have been happily married for 7 years now. When we met each other in 2006, we both had the same dreams to start a family and provide a loving home to our children. As many couples plan for the future, we envisioned having biological children and also adopting a child. Soon after we were married we were blessed with the birth of our son, Logan. Logan was born three days after Matthew’s dad passed away, so Logan filled everyone’s heart with joy and his arrival into this world helped our family through a very hard time. It is amazing how a baby can fill your heart with such warmth. When we learned we would not be able to conceive another baby, it was not entirely heartbreaking because we always knew in our hearts that we wanted to adopt a child too. It had always been a path that we dreamed of and discovered that it just happened sooner than we had expected. We immediately knew that adoption would be our journey to grow our family. God has a plan for everyone and we are excited to begin this journey to bring a child into our hearts and home. Our family and friends are very supportive of our decision to pursue adoption and we anxiously await the arrival of another child to our family.

About Us

Matthew and I met in a restaurant called Blu Honu (green sea turtle), which happens to be my favorite reptile. Matthew’s friend brought us together and as we talked, it was evident that Matthew was intelligent, funny, charming and had an easy going demeanor. Somehow in that conversation that evening, I knew he was my soul-mate. Although Matthew only talked to me for three hours the first night, he told his family the next morning that he found the woman that he was going to marry. We both were so captivated by each other. We went to Disney World one year later and Matthew proposed to me in the most magical place on earth. By the next year we were married and started our life together as one.

We are an adventurous family who enjoys seeing new sights but we also enjoy just relaxing home, playing the guitar, reading or enjoying a movie. We love spending time at amusement parks, festivals, beaches, baseball games, sledding with neighborhood kids, hiking, playing in the yard, swimming and traveling. We enjoy every opportunity to make memories as a family. It was so much fun to take Logan to Disney World and share with him the special place where mommy and daddy were engaged. We all have a love for Disney World and we made it a family tradition to go there every year. Once a year we also have a big family reunion in Virginia at our family’s lake house. We all go boating, fishing, jet skiing and eat big family dinners by a fire out by the lake. It is something that the whole family looks forward to every year.

We also have a great network of friends from the local YMCA. We participate in many activities there and have met many wonderful new friends. It is family-orientated and strengthens the community through well-being and fitness, camps, family time, swim, sports, and play. Our local YMCA provides an awesome environment to enjoy different activities with your family.

We live in a beautiful community that has many young families with children. Our neighborhood is very family orientated and we have block parties, an outdoor Halloween party and Easter egg hunts. Logan really enjoys the Halloween party with the bonfire. It is a beautiful, historic area in which the school district is consistently ranked as one of the best in the state. This area is rich in history, diverse cultural attractions and scenic landscapes. There are always wonderful festivals taking place nearby like a Fall Scarecrow Festival, Apple Festival, Christmas Festival (including a Gingerbread House competition) and music festivals. We also have theatre, amusement parks, museums, zoos, and nearby ski slopes. It truly is a really great place to raise a family!

About Patty

I grew up in a traditional home in the suburbs of Long Island, NY with my two older brothers. We would always be outside playing in the yard, creating imaginative games, climbing trees, playing with frogs and playing hide and seek with other kids in the neighborhood. It was all the simple things in my childhood that made it so memorable. My most important influence was my dad. He set the perfect example as a parent. He was a hardworking, loving, caring, happy, positive father who believed in doing the right thing. He was and still is supportive of everything I have ever done, and Matthew and I are committed to do the same for our children. As a parent, I want my children to grow up with lots of love, childhood adventures, and memories they can treasure. I want them to feel loved, be loved and always have a sense of security. I wish my children to grow into confident, loving, giving, humble individuals.

I left my job in the auto claims industry when Logan was born and became a stay-at-home mom. I know how fortunate I am to be able to be home with him and cherish every moment. We go out and explore parks, zoos, museums, libraries, castles, beaches, aquariums and even some nearby farms. We also have play dates, sports classes, and spend time home relaxing and enjoying books and playing red light, green light, 123. His favorite! One of our many favorite things to do at home is go out into our big yard and explore. We both have a bamboo stick called “the adventure stick”. Logan loves to walk around the yard and explore with his adventure stick and binoculars. He is always ready for an adventure! We can’t wait to include another child into our adventures!

About Matthew

I grew up in an average middle-class home in Long Island, NY. I was the third of five children. Although we were spread out over 14 years, we all grew up very close to one another and continue to be a close family; so much so that my siblings all live within 5 miles of my mother. My childhood was a great childhood. My father was very much into doing everything as a family. We would pack up my parent’s car and take many trips to North Carolina and Florida. My greatest childhood memories consisted of riding horses, cruising around my uncle’s farm in his tractor and sitting around a campfire on my uncle’s property while my father and uncle played country and bluegrass music. Those roots continue to remain strong as my older brother and I have kept the legacy of playing and singing.

It is unbelievable how quickly time passes and when I take the opportunity to reflect on my life, I feel blessed. I found a woman that I love more than words can describe. My son Logan is wonderful. I have a great job that is a building block towards my professional goals. Lastly, I have a strong support system. My mother is amazing. Patty and her have grown very close. I find myself removed from the conversation most of the times when they are talking about the latest Bachelor/Bachelorette episode or Logan’s new interests! We are fortunate because my mother loves spending time with our son. Logan says that she is his best friend. We are often humbled when we bring him to my mother’s home and we are asked to go away so he can play with grandma. I think she is sneaking in cookies and popcorn when we are not looking.

About Logan

Logan is a bright, affectionate, playful, and funny little boy with a calm disposition. Logan prides himself in being a helper to everyone. Whether it is helping mommy bake or helping Grandma water the plants, Logan is always there ready to help. He loves hanging out with his seven cousins and especially enjoys spending time with his grandparents. Logan loves to be silly and make people laugh. He is a gentle soul and has a nurturing way about him. We know he will be an excellent big brother, ready to show his younger sibling all he has learned. Logan is very excited about our plans to adopt a child. He can’t wait to share his life with a sibling and enjoy all the fun together as a family.

Logan loves to play different sports but especially loves baseball. He has recently been taking karate lessons and advanced to a yellow belt. Logan and his friends from the neighborhood go to karate every Saturday and he loves it! Our family is very into music and Matthew sings and plays the guitar all the time at our house. Logan loves music also. Matthew has been starting to introduce him to the guitar and helped him learn a couple of chords. Who knows, we may have another musician in our family! One of Logan’s favorite past times is driving in the car and listening to music on the radio. He really likes his music!

In Closing

Thank you for considering us to be the family for your precious child. We promise and pledge that their lives will be filled with love, support, opportunity, adventure and of course fun! If you choose us to become parents of your child, please remember that your son or daughter will grow up knowing how loving and caring you were in making such a selfless decision. We are happy to stay in touch with you and share letters and pictures. If you would like, we are also open to future face-to-face visits. We would be honored and are so thrilled to join you on this journey and hope that we may bring you love and comfort in your decision now and for years to come.

With deepest respect and gratitude,

Patty, Matthew and Logan


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