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Mary, Ed and Erin

Hello . . .

We are Mary, Ed and Erin and we invite you to turn the pages to learn about our family. We are hoping to grow our family through adoption as it has always been our dream to have a large family. We were on this same path a few years ago, when it was just the two of us. Then, because a woman who wanted to make an adoption plan for her baby read about us, we were blessed with the adoption of our beautiful daughter, Erin. Becoming parents has been a dream come true! We have so much love in our hearts and know that we are ready to once again bring another little cherub into our lives and our home. Through pictures and words, we hope this “family album”’ we’ve created just for you will help you learn about us, our traditions and why we might be the right family for your child too. We promise to raise any child entrusted to our care with unconditional love. They will also always know of the difficult decisions and plan their birthparent made, and that she did it because she loved them that much. We would be honored to walk through this adoption journey with you and hope to meet you one day soon.

Some Words About Us

We met over twelve years ago. A mutual friend had exchanged our email addresses for us. Our first contact was through e-mail while I (Mary) was teaching summer school. I like to throw theme parties and later that weekend it just so happened that I was having an “Austin Powers Party” (since the movie was just coming out). On the spur of the moment, I decided to invite Ed to the party. He didn’t know many people there, but he was good natured and played all the cheesy games I had planned anyway. Our first official date was to see the third Austin Powers movie and we have been together ever since, and are now married over ten years.

Erin was born outside of Seattle, Washington. We spent time with Erin’s birthparents prior to her birth and we were privileged to be present when she was born. We have developed a wonderful relationship with them and continue to keep in touch through phone calls and letters. We are hoping in a few years to return to Seattle to see them again and show Erin the place where she was born. We pray every day for Erin’s birthparents as they will hold a special place in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

We live in a warm and inviting home on an acre of land in a quiet area that is more rural, but is also a short drive from suburban life. There is an Amish farm and school down the street and their horse and buggies pass by our house, yet we are less than a five minute drive away from stores—the best of both worlds! We are also lucky to have a neighbor that owns horses which we can see from our kitchen window. Erin loves to watch them out back while we eat our breakfast and we try to visit them as often as possible as she loves to feed them apples. We also have a pond up the street that’s filled with ducks and a YMCA close by where Erin goes for her swim lessons. It’s a wonderful area for children to grow and learn and play.

Family is our priority and we cherish the time we have with each other. We are always engaging in fun activities together, whether it is bowling or taking Erin ice skating for the first time. We have some interesting traditions as well. Before Erin was born, Ed joined me in the world of “theme parties”, such as the Austin Powers party. We have done a safari, carnival and, yes, even a Twilight theme party! Now we extend our theme parties to include Erin. Erin’s first birthday party was Ladybug, since her nickname is ‘Erin bug’. For her second birthday, Erin chose Elmo as her party theme. This year’s theme looks like it might be lollipops, but she might change her mind before then.

Some Words About Mary

I am very close to my younger sister, Amy who, besides Ed, is my best friend. We love to do things together. My mom lives less than an hour away and she has always been my rock. Starting last year, my mother drives to our house to take care of Erin so that I was able to resume my high school teaching after taking two years off to be a stay-at-home mom. I am a Social Studies teacher to ninth and tenth graders at a suburban high school and have been doing this for over seventeen years. Erin has a wonderful time with her “Granny” and it has given me such peace of mind to know how safe and loved she is when I’m at school! Now that Erin is older, she will start preschool. My mother will continue to come to our house to watch Erin on the days that she is not in school. Recently, we went on our annual day trip to Cape May, New Jersey, to shop at some of our favorite little specialty stores. The drive to the shore is about an hour and half and it is always a special time for us to catch up with each other. Erin now joins this excursion, although she is more interested in the beach than the stores!

One of my passions is yoga and I not only love practicing it, but I also teach it. I have met some of my friends doing yoga and it helps keep me balanced. I also enjoy reading. I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. My students tried to get me to read it for some time and I finally gave in and can’t believe how much I’ve enjoyed it. Since this experience, I have embraced young adult books and enjoyed reading the Twilight, Hunger Games and Divergent series. I also enjoy doing simple crafts, such as making candy wreaths and flower pens. Baking is another one of my hobbies and people often think I’m a better baker than I really am! In the summer, I set up a garden in our backyard. This year I planted tomato and pepper plants, along with some flowers. In previous years, I grew lettuce, string beans and more. Erin loves going outdoors with me and every day we check on the little flowers to see if they’ve turned into tiny veggies that we eventually pick for our salads. She loves to play ‘farmer’ and it’s a great learning experience too!

Some Words About Ed

I come from a large family that is very close. I have two sisters, Julie and Diane, one brother John and many nieces and nephews. Spending time with my nieces and nephews is a top priority--it’s one of Erin’s also. Erin loves going over to my brother’s house to play with her cousins, Jake and Olivia. We love to horse play, which includes piggy back rides and lots of running. My older nieces like to talk to about the sports they play at school, or how they are doing in their studies. I have worked in the Information Technology field for about twenty-two years. I love my job because it’s challenging to trouble shoot and neat to work with people from out of state. An added bonus is that I get to work from home. I don’t have to deal with traffic and so get to spend more time with Erin (and yes, if I have a slow day, I’ll sneak out of my office and enjoy a tea party or arts and crafts time with her). Having the privilege of working from home also means that I get an occasional 3:00 AM call if something is broken at work. It totally prepared me for middle-of-the-night feedings when Erin was an infant and I am definitely up to do that all over again with another baby!

Being a dad is more amazing than I ever imagined it would be. I love my wife and daughter so much and since Erin joined our family, our love has continued to grow. When I leave my home office each day, I can’t wait to interact with Erin as we all work together to prepare the nightly meal. Our weekends, holidays and vacations are the best. There’s just so much for us to do as a family and we also try to find educational aspects to include whenever possible as this is the time when Erin learns so much. She’s like a little sponge and it’s amazing how smart she is! While we strive to have fun whenever possible, we also understand that life has its chores as well. Working hard and studying in school was the foundation that prepared me for my life today and now it’s my hope to pass this down to my children.

Some Words About Erin

Erin is a fun loving little girl who loves to explore the world around her. She is very intelligent and makes great observations. Erin really looks forward to going to her My Gym class where she jumps in the ball pit and does forward rolls. She also enjoys swimming. Erin jumps with joy into the water without holding on to us (while we catch her). She was hesitant at first, but she loves going to the pool. We also do yoga frequently and she is very good at doing Downward Dog. We are members of the Philadelphia Zoo and make frequent trips there as a family. Erin adores looking at the lions and playing in the treehouse. There’s an amazing old-fashioned Carousel there and we never leave without going around (all of us) at least once. We are looking forward to her upcoming dance classes as she loves to dance and sing. I am sure there are many family-room recitals in our future!

Erin and I go on daily outings to local parks, story time at the library, but Erin’s favorite excursion is to go to Dutch Wonderland. Dutch Wonderland is an amusement park and water resort geared toward young kids and it is less than an half an hour from our house. We had season passes this summer, and Erin was able to go on the rides once a week. She’s tall enough to ride the rollercoaster, which has surpassed the airplane ride as her ‘new’ favorite. She is excited to share all of these amazing activities (and her toys) with a brother or sister one day, hopefully soon! She asks about a sibling often and we know she will be an amazing big sister!


Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We would be honored to hear from you if you should choose us to parent your child. We will give your child all of our love, an amazing older sister, a wonderful home, exposure to the world and a good solid education. We believe in the importance of education and growing up in a positive atmosphere leading though example. We believe a child should be involved in sports, music, and a wide array of life experiences to sample life and discover their passions. We are ready to share our lives with another son or daughter and hope that you feel a sense of peace after reading our story. We would be honored to speak with you soon.


Mary, Ed and Erin


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