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Mary and Lou

Dear Birthmother,

We first want to say thank you for considering us and opening up our profile book. We can only just imagine how difficult this time must be for you. A friend of mine also made an adoption plan for her baby when we were teenagers. I remember how difficult that decision was for her, both before the birth and afterwards. We certainly realize that your decision is the most selfless act of love you could make. It is also the most loving and precious gift you could ever give, both to your child and to the adoptive parents you choose. Even if you choose another couple, we want to thank you for giving life to your child and making a plan for their future. God Bless You.


About Us

I met Lou when I was in high school. We had many mutual friends and all hung out together. Many of those friends are still in our lives today. We both knew we had something special right away and we just connected on so many levels. After high school, I went on to business school, graduated and then worked as a rental agent. Lou went to college and after graduation was employed nearby. We both lived at home until our engagement (first of our group to get married).

Having children together was important to both of us and we decided to start ‘trying’ right away and, at the same time, we purchased our first real home together. We got the rooms furnished and decorated and chose the nursery years ago. Unfortunately, that room is still waiting to welcome a little one! After several years of trying, our doctors suggested some procedures, including IVF. Even that didn’t work. We actually conceived three pregnancies, two of which ended in early miscarriages and the last one ended at about twelve weeks. It took a long time to heal but we have grown even closer and our marriage stronger. We are hoping that adoption is the path we were meant to travel in our journey to welcome a child into our hearts and home.

We love spending time with our families and friends, especially our nieces and nephews! Other things that we enjoy are trips to local amusement parks (we both love to ride roller coasters and play midway games), movies, comedy clubs, dinners, walks in the park, and attending Flyers Hockey games. We also love spending time with our dogs. On weekends, and when we have off time from work, we love going to the beach and riding bikes.

Lou is now self-employed (electrical engineer) and loves what he does. I handle all the paperwork for our business and enjoy the privilege of doing this from a home office. When we are blessed one day with a baby, I will have the privilege of being a full-time, stay-at-home mom.

Our prayer is that someone like you might see us as the loving couple who could become the parents of their child. We would always be sure that your child was confident in the individual they are. We would provide them with unconditional love and unending support. They will live in a home filled with laughter and a stable family life. We would also teach them how to treat others with respect and understanding. Most importantly though, we would tell them about you, the very special birthparent(s) who gave them life.


About Mary

My name is Mary and I am one of seven children. I have four brothers and two sisters; I am the youngest girl and have one younger brother. I had an amazing childhood and was raised in a loving, Catholic family. My mom was an excellent cook. She also was very crafty and enjoyed knitting, crocheting and created beautiful ceramic objects. These are all things that I also enjoy! My dad was very handy around the house, had a wonderful sense of humor and always found the silver lining! My brothers are kind, loving and generous people and my sisters are my best friends. When we were young, our family enjoyed crabbing and fishing at the beach and traveling to see my older siblings and their families (I was an aunt at age 11). My parents had great traditions which are still carried out to this day. Christmas was magical – and I love to recall what Santa did for us each year! When we were very young, our home was transformed into a wonderland and Santa always woke us before going to someone else’s house. He would enter through the window but always left through the front door!

Lou and I always wanted to share our life with children. He will be such a great dad. He is so patient with our nieces/nephews and is an excellent teacher. I also am a patient person and would love to nurture and give a child the strength and courage to be the best they can be, teaching them to love life and be happy. I will support and encourage them in their dreams. They will always know they are loved and safe. I love Lou so deeply. He is my best friend, the love of my life and soul mate. He definitely grounds me. He is a very kind, understanding, patient and fair man.


About Lou

My name is Lou. I have three sisters (one older and two younger). My earliest memories are of playing games with my older sister and spending time outdoors with my friends in our back alley. We lived in a neighborhood that had tons of kids. In the summertime, we played outside all day and when we were in school, we got home, had a snack and then played football or baseball before heading back home for dinner and homework! I have amazing memories of my youth and believe that being part of a family is more than just sharing genes! It means caring about each other, loving each other and always being there for each other when times are good and even when things get tough. Both Mary and I have been blessed with amazing families and all of them are excited to welcome our child into their lives too.

Some of my hobbies include woodworking or, as I call it, “turning wood.” I love to create things with my hands and can’t wait to share this love with my little boy or girl one day. Because I am self-employed, I am able to make my own schedules. This will allow both Mary and me the time to go to school activities and be homeroom parents, or watch our child as they get involved in sports. We make a great team, always working together and I know we will be a great team when it comes to parenting a child. Being around children all our lives has shown us how important it is to always be calm and consistent. Our dream is that one day we will be given the opportunity to share our love and all that is ours with a child.

In Closing

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading about us and the family we hope to become. While we have yet to meet, if given that opportunity, we would love to learn more about you so that we can one day share with our child the amazing person you are. We already keep you in our prayers, thanking God every day for the incredibly brave and selfless person you are and for your consideration of adoption. If we are the family you choose, we will always love this baby with all of our hearts and they will live in a home filled with happiness and laughter and their needs will be met to the best of our ability. Our arms are open and our hearts are full of love as we wait for the day we are blessed by someone such as yourself and the decision you are making. We would be honored to be considered as parents.


We wish you peace of mind as you make your decision,
Mary and Lou


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