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Linda Sue and Matthew

Dear Birthmom,

Thank you for taking a look at our family as you make your adoption plan and decide what is best for your own wellbeing as well as that of your family and child. We are sure this must be a difficult time and a very hard decision for you to make. We wish you the best.

Matt and I have dreamed of and prayed for a baby since we were first married, ten years ago. We’ve made so many plans and always saw ourselves with a child, always wanting to love a little boy or girl and watch them grow into their own unique person. Those plans over the last ten years just did not work and we are now so excited to think we might grow our family through adoption. Family and friends are very supportive and our parents are excited to think they may have a grandchild, hopefully sometime soon.

About Us

Our story begins more than eleven years ago when Matt and I were both spending most of our evenings at the same gym. I often spotted Matt smiling and talking to many of the guys he was working out near. My cousin, who worked there, actually got us together after I mentioned that I had noticed Matt but didn’t have the nerve to approach him. It wasn’t long after that when Matt came up to me and asked me out. From our very first date (and the following night’s four hour phone conversation), we both realized we had found something or, more importantly, “someone” very special. We took our time getting to know each other and spent much of our free time as a twosome. We had so much fun and laughed as our friendship soon turned to a deep love. We both had the same values and goals and after sixteen months we said our vows in front of family and friends and we’ve been enjoying marriage ever since!

Just as we did when we were dating, we still enjoy each other’s company, whether sitting home relaxing, working together on house projects, going out for dinner or a movie, or even heading to the local bowling alley to play a couple of games! There are tons of great parks nearby where we enjoy walks with our dog, Duncan. Every year we take a week off and go on vacation. It’s such fun planning where we’ll go and what we’ll see and we always go somewhere new! Sedona, Arizona was a great trip because it is so different from where we live. The scenery and weather was gorgeous. We also enjoy island beach trips where it’s always beautiful and relaxing. While on one of those trips we both went snorkeling and it was amazing to swim with brightly colored fish just inches in front of our face! We always imagine all the fun activities we would do with our child and look forward to trips in the future where we can enjoy ourselves as a family, teaching and playing with our own little one!

We both enjoy our jobs and have flexible work schedules. Matt works a few minutes from home and has the ability to work as long as he needs to or to leave work early if we want to head out for a sporting event. Our home is a five bedroom cape cod that has cheerful blue siding. When we moved in, the backyard was already a cute area with a wooden swing and tire swing hanging from the trees. We put up a fence on our acre property to give our dog plenty of safe space to play and it also gives us a private area for outdoor dinners or picnics. We recently added a garden with lots of beautiful flowers. Nearby is our horseshoe pit – we just have to take really good aim so we don’t mess with the flowers and veggies! We left a big space open in the middle of our yard and this is where we play catch and Frisbee. We can’t wait to hear the squeals of our children’s laughter coming from the backyard. Our home is located next to a farm that has corn fields, pumpkin patches, and in the spring we go over to pick strawberries. We love that we are within minutes of the farm store where fresh produce is always available!

A note from our niece Tahlia:

My Aunt Linda Sue and Uncle Matt are big role models for me. They are such positive people and always have a smile on their faces even in the toughest situations. The two of them would make amazing parents. I can always rely on them to turn an ordinary outing into a great time. They have a huge yard where we always play family games, including wiffle ball, volleyball, and every other possible game you can imagine. We call Uncle Matt the camp counselor because the trunk of his car is filled to the brim with different balls and activities for the family to do. I hope you get a chance to meet them, because I know you will love them as much as I do!

About Linda Sue

I grew up in a two parent home with a younger sister. My mom stayed home with us except for part time jobs here and there. When she did have a job, we often went along on some occasions, or we stayed home with my dad or grandmom for the few hours she was away. My sister Wendy and I had fun playing together when we did go to work with our mom. During the school year, the highlight of the day was seeing my mom when we got off the school bus. She was always there ready to give us hugs and then walk us back to our house. My parents encouraged us to try activities that we were interested in. Even though I wasn’t very good, I took piano lessons for 5 years. I also enjoyed singing in the church choir, and playing soccer and tennis. I can’t wait to see what interests our child will have. We will give them every opportunity we can so that they can have a well rounded life and explore whatever their natural instincts lead them to.

When I was young I knew that I wanted to be a mom but, until that time came, my goal was to have a career working with infants as I love babies so much. My degree is in Early Childhood Education. I spent many years babysitting, being a Nanny, and worked as an infant teacher in a few daycare centers. Now I am a cook at one of the centers and stay busy keeping everyone fed! It’s great going into the classrooms and watching the kids grow up, especially the ones that I took care of as infants. I love taking time out of the day to hold the babies or read or sing with a group of the kids. I’ve also developed an interest in health and became a reflexologist. I work part time at a spa and find it to be very rewarding helping people relax and feel good. I look forward to being a stay-at-home mom more than anything. My plan is to work a few hours a week doing reflexology when Matt is home which will give him special one-on-one time with our little one!

About Matt

I am the youngest of four boys and grew up in a small town. I was always able to walk out the front door and within minutes I found someone outside on our street to play with. I had lots of friends and we all loved playing sports including shooting hoops, football and our favorite, playing catch. As a child my dad taught me the value of a dollar. I had to mow the yard and do other chores and earn my allowance. When I was a kid, my goal was to save enough money to buy my own car by the time I reached 16. I worked really hard and met that goal! I found a car that was “cool” and “fast” and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those keys! I remember feeling like I had a new-found freedom to go to places that I couldn’t go before! Today I work as an Inventory Supervisor at the same company my dad retired. It’s a wonderful company with a great environment. They offer excellent benefits and the ability for me to grow within the company.

Family is important to me and I am very close to my brothers as well as my cousins. My cousin, Jamie, and his wife have three children that they were blessed with through adoption. They have newborn twin girls and a two year old big brother. We’re happy that our child will grow up with young cousins nearby. Two years ago, my brother Chris was involved in a car accident which took his life. He and I were very close and I miss him very much. I think about him every day and wish to see him in Heaven one day. I want to honor him and name our son or daughter after him if we are blessed to adopt a child.

In Closing

Thank you for reading our Profile and we hope that you will consider us as the parents for your child. We believe it is important to keep in touch with you and send you photos and updates about your child if that is your wish. If you choose us to raise your child, be assured that we will love your child with all of our heart and will instill in them values, ethics, integrity and stewardship. It is our promise to always do the right thing and follow through with what we say we are going to do and build a stable future. It is our belief that this will allow our child to flourish with our love and support.

For many years we have dreamed of starting our family and can’t wait to bring a child into our hearts and our home. We hope you will consider us as you think about adoption and would love to speak with you or meet you so you can learn more about us and we can learn about you and your dreams.


Most Sincerely,

Linda Sue and Matt


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