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Lauren and Nathan

Dear Birthmother,

Our names are Lauren and Nathan. We know that you are going through a lot right now as you read through these Adoption Profile Books and cannot imagine how difficult it must be to find the right family for your baby. We want to assure you that we have been praying for you. Whether you decide that our family is the best fit for your child, or another family, please know that we are truly amazed by your strength and courage in considering adoption. If you should choose us, we promise to raise your child knowing how loving and selfless of a person you are.

We plan on doing everything we can to create a blessed life for the child that we are able to adopt. Being parents has always been a dream of ours. We can assure you we will share all the love we have and all the resources available to us with the child that comes into our lives. We have a bright and cheerful home life, a great extended family, and good friends that care deeply for us. We have a joyful spirit and sense of adventure and wait with open arms to welcome a child.

About Us

We met through mutual friends who thought we would be a good match. They were right! Our blind date led to several more dates and we started to fall in love and develop what we quickly knew would be a life-long partnership. Five months into our long-distance relationship, we were engaged. Though we were miles apart, we grew in friendship and love for one another through phone calls, video chatting, traveling, and writing letters! We were married seven months later. Our wedding was one year and two days from the day we met. We truly believe that God made us for one another.

Our first date, after the blind date, was very memorable. We went to a little Irish pub in a great part of the city and swapped questions to learn about the other’s hopes, fears, and joys. We later walked to a local park and sat on the edge of a giant fountain where we chatted well into the night. This was the start of our amazing friendship and love. One of the things we spoke of that night was that we both wanted to have a big family with the joy and laughter of children in our home. We set out to have children right away in our marriage, but unfortunately found out early on that we were unable to have biological children. This news was hard to swallow at first. However, during this time, we started to meet many families that had adopted their children. We heard about their journeys and soon realized that adoption was the path for us.

When we were married, we moved into a nice little neighborhood that we have really grown to love. We can walk to friends’ homes, the store, and our church. We have a little courtyard in front of our place, where we host BBQs and gatherings throughout the year. It is also a place where many children come to play. We have developed great friendships with families in our neighborhood who have young children. Sometimes we meet them in the park near our home for play dates, so we spend some time with them and their kids.

Our faith is important to us. We have formed many wonderful friendships through our faith community where we attend and help out with the activities at our church. Sometimes, the pastor will even make it over for dinner at our home. Teaching our future children about God and His love for us and all people will be an important part of our family life. God is the foundation of our marriage and we know that He helps us in the ups and downs of life.

Family and Friends

Enjoying time with our newest nephew, Rory

We believe the holidays are important times to be with family. We have a big extended family that loves us very much. One of the biggest events occurs with Lauren’s Dad’s huge family reunion each year on Labor Day Weekend. The highlight of the day is the old fashion homemade ice cream that is made by everyone taking turns spinning the hand churn. The newest adult in the family has the privilege of being the last person to spin because that is when it gets the hardest. A couple of years ago, it was a lot of fun to see Nathan use all his strength to spin while the rest of us got a good laugh. Our families are full of joy and laughter and they are just as excited as us to welcome a child into our lives. In case we haven’t been clear, we both absolutely love children! Between the two of us, we have five godchildren and love spending time with them.


I grew up in a very loving, nurturing, and “large” family. My parents deeply love my sister and I, and have always been there to support and encourage us through everything we ever set our minds to do. They separated when we were young, and in time both remarried. Though my immediate family was small, I consider my seven step-siblings and all of their spouses part of my really large family! I have seven nieces and nephews and nearly 60 first cousins. Since my marriage to Nathan, my family has grown even more and I cherish spending time with his family too. Being surrounded by lots of children has always been a very important part of my life!

I left home for college and it was during this time that I learned you must always follow the desires of your heart. I changed my major two times, and finally chose secondary math education. I guess all those years as a little girl, playing school in our basement, was a clue that I would grow up and be a teacher! After graduating, I taught three years of high school math and met Nathan. Once we were married, I taught 2nd and 3rd grade and eventually left to teach math at our local community college. When our family grows through adoption, I plan to become a stay-at-home mom with our children. Aside from work, I enjoy cooking, baking, art, running, and reading a good book. I relish in the time I have to spend with family and friends, whether it is inviting them over for a meal, playing a game, playing games with the kids, or just having good conversation. I love taking pictures but most of all I enjoy my time with Nathan out in nature. He is a loving and devoted husband and I cannot wait to see him as a father!


I grew up in a suburban town where I was able to attend a great school and was involved with many sports and activities. My parents ran a grocery store in my early childhood and from their example, I learned the value of hard work, dedication, and most importantly, that family always comes first. My parents made many sacrifices for my brother and me, which made a big impression on me and gave me the desire to do the same for my future family. My dad was always in the stands at my football games and track meets. My mom and I were involved in my school’s PTA. Some of my favorite memories growing up were when my dad would sing to my brother and me to help us fall asleep at night. This inspired my great love for music from an early age.

The past 10 years I have dedicated my work to college students, helping them find meaning and purpose in their lives and training them to be leaders in their future families, jobs, and communities. I am now a senior regional director with our organization and oversee many of our campus teams in the area. When I am not at work I enjoy spending a quiet morning with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. I still like to play guitar and sing. On the weekends, we love inviting friends over for dinner. I do the grilling and Lauren does just about everything else but we work great together as a team. From time to time, I am able to escape to the mountains with Lauren or some old friends for a day of hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. On top of all of this, my favorite thing to do is spend time with Lauren. Lauren is the love of my life and every moment I spend with her is full of joy. I am very excited for the opportunity to become parents together, and to start our family.

In Closing

We admire you for giving your child the gift of life. We know you are going through a lot right now, so thank you for taking the time to read about us and to see a glimpse of our life together. We plan on being dedicated parents who lead with love. We will encourage our children to explore the gifts that they have been given and foster their talents in a loving home where we will help them to learn who they are created to be. You will always have a special place in our hearts and in your child’s heart.   We are praying that you may have peace in the decisions you are making.

Lauren and Nathan


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