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Kimberly and William

Dear Birthmother,

We are Kimberly and William and we would like to thank you for considering adoption for your baby. We realize that this decision must be so difficult for you. Words can’t express the admiration we have for you. It is obvious to us that you are a very courageous person with a loving heart for your child.  

When we learned that we could not give birth to a child, we turned to adoption and have been praying that a woman like you might entrust her child to us. Becoming parents would make our dream of ‘family’ come true. We also hope it will give you a sense of peace knowing your child would be raised in a two-parent home with many loving relatives. We will do everything in our power to give your baby a happy and safe childhood. Our entire family and all of our friends join us in waiting with loving arms to welcome the newest member of our family. We would love to speak with you and meet so you can learn more about us and see the kind of parents we would be. Thank you for considering us for the enormous honor of becoming parents and raising your child.

About Us

We met in a karate class about eight years ago. While it took a while for us to begin dating, once we finally decided to go out, we knew instantly that it was the right decision. We dated for seven years before getting engaged so I guess you could say we take our major life decisions seriously! Once we made the commitment to each other, we were married just six months later in a beautiful ceremony in the little chapel where Kimberly and her mother attended Sunday school. It was an intimate wedding with only twenty-five of our closest family and friends there to witness our vows.

Our first date took place at a miniature golf course and it was on this date that William learned Kimberly played by her own set of miniature golf rules! Balls that would go out of play wouldn’t count towards strokes, they would just be replayed! After that game, we enjoyed dinner and talked about our interests, hobbies, views on life and goals for the future. This is when we realized we had much more in common than just martial arts and mini golf!

We live in a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood that includes families from many different cultural backgrounds. We all take great pride in the fact that everyone gets along and respects each other’s beliefs! In the winter, we help each other shovel the driveways while the kids go sledding down the front yard hills. In the summer there are block parties and barbeques. There are many children of varying ages, always running around outdoors and playing games. Whenever the kids need a quarterback for football games or a goalie for roller hockey, they knock on the door asking for William to come out and play and he never says no. We both enjoy interacting with the children and can’t wait for a child of our own to join in the fun! 

Kimberly and William with their Goddaughter Sophia

Our favorite time of any day is the time we get to be with each other. On a typical Saturday, we often head out for breakfast and then take our dog, Chewy to the park for a long walk. Sometimes we go into the city and other times we stay closer to home and visit one of the nearby Farmer’s Markets to gather ingredients and then prepare dinner together. There are times that we invite friends to join us but we are also content in just relaxing together and watching a good movie while snuggling on the couch. As long as we’re together, we are in our happy place!

We are fortunate to have a very close group of friends whom we consider family. They too are excited about our decision to grow our family through adoption. Bill and Jackie have two children, Sophia and Olivia; and Mark and Heather have a son, Ian. William is Sophia’s Godfather and she is attached to her Uncle’s hip. We take Sophia apple picking, on hay rides, and to the nearby gym where she loves bouncing off the walls. Spending lots of time with our friends’ children has made us realize the difference a child will make in our lives – a difference we look forward to with open arms and hearts.

About Kimberly

I grew up in a small but loving family; there was just my mom, my brother Andrew and myself. We didn't have much money, but we made do with what we had. We learned the value of money and how to make it stretch and also learned a lot about loving one another. My favorite days were those when we would go into the city and spend our time going from one free museum or historic site to another. Mom would pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and I remember sitting next to statues in the park eating my lunch and watching the activity of the big city. Those memories will last a lifetime!

The hardest time of my life occurred twelve years ago with the passing of my mother from colon cancer. She was only 58 and I was just 28. She was my best friend and I miss her so much. For a few months after she died, I pretty much shut down. Eventually, I realized that I had to get on with my life, as I know my mother would have wanted. I found a cardio kickboxing class in the area and really liked it. I met new friends and life began to look brighter. After a year of the kickboxing, the instructors convinced me to try karate classes which I loved and became good at! I earned my black belt in 2010 and it was during one of the training classes that I met William. At first, we just talked but our friendship grew and William persisted in asking me out until I finally gave in. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. We have been together for over 7 1/2 years and are still going strong. I have made friends with his friends and it has been fun seeing them have children and watching the kids grow up. I met William’s goddaughter when she was nine months old and she is now eight years old and in second grade. Watching her grow and seeing the joy she has convinced us that we really want a child in our lives too. We are looking forward to being able to teach our child how to show compassion and respect and how to love all people. We have a lot of love to give and pray that one day we will be given the chance to have our dream come true.

About William

I grew up living in an extended family setting. My dad, mom, and two sisters and I lived with my dad’s parents the majority of the time. Growing up with grandparents in the house had a lot of good perks and my childhood was a lot of fun. As a family we were always doing something together on the weekends. My favorite activities were sports related and I played every sport as a child including soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and football. If there was a ball involved, I was outside and part of the team! On the weekends when I was young, our family would pile into the car and head out to the local movie theater where we were allowed to buy one bag of candy or popcorn which we then shared with each other. Sometimes we would drive to a nearby theme park and enjoy the day going on every single ride! Closer to home there was a park with batting cages and I absolutely loved hitting the ball for hours trying to improve my swing. I developed my love for sports from my grandfather. He would faithfully attend all of my games and then help me get better by practicing with me after school.

Other than spending my free time with Kimberly, my other favorite thing to do is anything sports related. I am a huge sports fanatic and own season tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles where I love going to the stadium to watch the football games. I also have a part time job at a sports memorabilia store at our local mall and it’s here that I get to meet current and past professional team players when they come in to do signings for fans. Because of this, our basement has become the typical “man cave” with a ton of autographed pictures and memorabilia. I also enjoy movies, reading, WWE wrestling and martial arts. I got into martial arts about eight years ago and eventually earned my black belt in karate. I went on to teach children at the school which I thoroughly enjoy. I get to watch them grow and see how confident they become when they learn new skills.

In Closing

Thank you for reading our profile book and getting a sense of who we are. We can only imagine how hard it must be to read through these books, trying to select the right family for your child. We searched our hearts to put down on paper all that we would like you to know about us and hope there is something in our words and photos that draws you to us. At some point in the near future, we would love to talk with you and meet so you can learn more about the two of us and our prayer to become a family of our own. Our hearts are so full of love just waiting for a child to come into our lives. The child we are blessed to adopt will know from the start just how special they are and how much they are loved, not only by us, but by you as well. If you decide that we are the right family for your baby, please know that we will do everything we can to make sure that your baby grows up in an environment full of love and understanding. We thank you very much for considering us to raise your child. 

 All our prayers are with you,

Kimberly and William


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