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Katerina and Max

Dear Birthmom,

We are Katerina and Max, and we are very grateful for your consideration of us as adoptive parents for your child. We don’t take lightly how difficult this decision must have been for you, and we appreciate and respect your courage and strength. We hope that as you learn a little about us, you will see how much starting a family means to us, and how much love the child we are blessed with will experience from us and our loved ones. Should you choose us as adoptive parents, we would be happy to speak with you, meet you in person and stay in contact with you through the years by sharing updates through pictures and letters, so you can see first-hand the love that we have to give.

For as long as either of us can remember, we both have wanted to be parents. Katerina was mommy’s little helper for her baby brother and wanted to do anything and everything her mom would do. Max also loved helping his parents with his younger siblings. Both of us babysat neighbors’ children when we were teenagers. Now as adults, we are aunt and uncle to not only our nephews and niece, but also to so many of our friends’ children. We want nothing more than to have a family of our own.


About Us

It seems like we have known each other forever, because it is actually kind of true. We first met when we were pre-teens in a dance class. Katerina had been dancing for several years and Max had just started. A friendship developed and we began to spend time hanging out at the dance studio before, after, and in-between classes. As we grew into teenagers, our friendship got closer. It turns out we both had a crush on each other, but neither of us acted on it for several years. In 1997, we finally had the courage, for what seemed like the inevitable, to start dating. Max had just graduated, and Katerina was a junior in high school. We spent just about every night together, usually at Katerina’s home. As our relationship grew, we each became more a part of the other’s family.

We have come a far way since that November day in 1997 and have built a wonderful life together. We have been happily married now for 6 years and are stronger as couple each day. Some of the things that we believe make our relationship successful are communicating well with one another, listening, laughing, being silly, spending time together, and most importantly loving the other for who they are. We are so excited to start a new chapter in our lives as parents! We have an abundance of love to share with a child and cannot wait to make new memories as a family!


Our Home and Families

Both of us grew up less than 12 miles from our current home. We actually live within the same school district that Max attended all his life. We are very lucky that all of our immediate family live within a 45 minute drive of us and most of our extended family are not far either. Family is very important to us; our families could not be more supportive of our journey to start our own family. Our parents, siblings, extended families, and friends are so excited for us, and can’t wait to share in our joy when we are finally blessed with a child. Katerina’s parents look forward to taking their grandchild on camping trips and doing all the things that built Katerina’s love of the outdoors. Max’s dad has a love for the outdoors and particularly enjoys sailing. He can’t wait to take his grandchild out for a sail and teach him or her the “ins and outs” of sailing.

Christmas is an extra special time in our home. Max enjoys hanging lights outside while Katerina cooks a warm meal for them to share when he is done. Next, Max enjoys setting up his train and village display under our tree. He takes the time to make sure that the trains are working just right so that when our nephews and nieces visit they are ready to be played with. Decorating our Christmas tree and listening to and singing Christmas carols is always a time to reminisce and make new memories. Every ornament that hangs on our tree is a symbol of a time, moment, or event that has occurred thus far in our lives. We look forward to the year we can begin to hang ornaments that signify a child becoming a part of our life. Some of our other Christmas traditions are decorating a gingerbread house, Christmas Eve with Max’s family, Christmas morning breakfast with Katerina’s family, and taking drives to admire the local light displays. We are excited to share these traditions and start new ones with a child of our own.


About Katerina

I was born and raised in a northern suburb of Philadelphia and absolutely love the area where Max and I live. We are close enough to take day trips to the city and farther north to the mountains. My younger brother Derek (younger by almost exactly three years) and I grew up very close and are still close to this day. When my brother was born I would introduce him to people as “my baby”. To say I was Mommy’s little helper would be an understatement. I helped my mom feed, change, and play with my baby brother. As we got older we enjoyed using every inch of our playroom in the basement to set up the perfect grocery store, classroom, or kitchen to play pretend. As a family we would spend weekends exploring local attractions, playing board games, and visiting family and friends. The importance of the relationships with family and the close friends we considered family began at a very early age. This is something that I look forward to fostering in my own child. I want him or her to know the love and importance of having people who will love you no matter what and who you can depend on in good times and bad.

Some of my interests now are scrapbooking, taking pictures, baking and cooking, and taking walks around a nearby lake. Also, I love spending my time with Max and our family and friends. They are all very important to us and are so loving and supporting of this journey we are on to become parents. I am proud of the house we created as our home. It is filled with love and laughter and I cannot wait to have a son or daughter to share in the love and laughter. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mom and am still praying for the day that, that will happen. I long to hold the child that will call me “Mom”.


About Max

I was born and raised in a small town in a northern suburb of Philadelphia. I have an older sister Cherie, and a younger sister Renee, as well as a younger brother, Clayton. As children, all my siblings and I were very active, whether we were participating in sports, cub scouts, or dance classes, or just playing with our friends. That was one of the benefits of living in the middle of a small town, most of my friends lived down the street, or just around the corner. My parents were always very supportive in everything we did, and we were always encouraged to try anything we were interested in.

I am an avid sports fan, and love to watch just about all sports either on television or in person, as well as play them whenever I can. In addition to sports, I also love the outdoors. After my first camping trip with Katerina, I was hooked. I love the feel of being outdoors, going on hikes, and just observing nature. I greatly enjoy spending time with family and friends, and try to organize or attend get-togethers whenever possible. I have always imagined I would be a father. That I would have the privilege of watching my child grow up and into an adult, and know that I had a role in shaping the type of person that child would become. Through the struggle of infertility, I realized that I am still meant to be a father, but just in a different way than how I initially imagined. I look forward to the journey of adoption, and being able to welcome a new life into our family.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about who we are and how much becoming parents will mean to us. The love we already have for a child we are waiting for is growing in our hearts every day. We are committed to teaching and showing our child compassion, honesty, and trust. We will be open and honest with our child about their adoption and promise to teach them about the courageous and selfless decisions that you made. A child to share our home and life with would be a true miracle and the answer to our prayers.

We wish you all the best,
Katerina and Max


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