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Elizabeth and Frank

Dear Birthmom,

Words cannot express the sense of respect, admiration and gratitude that we feel for you. Even though we have not met, you are like a faraway pen-pal with whom we share a bond like no other. In our 5 year journey to start a family, we have tried to fill each day – the good and the bad – with love, laughter and wonder. And that is our pledge to you for this child. We have each been lucky enough to see our parents together, happy and healthy into their 70s – and still going. The childhood they gave to us is the childhood we want for our child – a childhood full of family traditions, celebrations of milestones both big and small, special vacations together and every day routines that meant the world to us!

About Us and Our Home

Our story really began when – unbeknownst to me – I bought my first house in the same city neighborhood where Frank had grown up. His parents raised 6 boys just about 2 blocks down the street from me, but we wouldn’t meet for 4 years. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to explore my grandmother’s incredible yard. She had a serious green thumb. I wanted to bring a piece of her magic to my own yard, so my Mom and I took a trip down to South Carolina to get some of Grandma’s flowers and transplant them back to my yard.  On the day that Frank and I met, I was tending my garden as Frank and his Golden Retriever Delaney walked by. You could say that my South Carolina grandmother brought us together. And the rest, as they say, is history.

After 3 years together, we bought a renovated old farmhouse with a big yard outside the city and got married in small ceremony at home the day after Christmas, which was my North Carolina grandmother’s birthday. Though both of my grandmothers had passed by the time we were married, I knew they were with us on that special day.

Frank and I have lots of things in common. We both love music. I have played the piano since I was a kid and played in church and in high school. Frank loves all kinds of music and introduces me to all kinds of bands. Whether bands like Bruce Springsteen or U2, or small singer-songwriters, we have been known to ride two hours in the rain for a good show. I’ve often looked around at a Bruce Springsteen concert and seen the parents who have brought their kids – and said to Frank – I hope Bruce is still performing by the time we are ready to bring our kids….

Frank likes to garden and landscape and I plant the flowers and try to build a yard that will match the beauty of my grandmother’s garden. I have already picked out the perfect tree for a rope swing and can see a tree house at some point in the future. We have rabbits and squirrels, a fox or two, woodpeckers, goldfinch and cardinals, and lots of other birds, and even a birdhouse right outside our kitchen where the sparrows have babies every spring. Our yard will be part Huck Finn, part playground, and part nature center. We can’t even begin to convey just how excited we are as we make plans for the child we have always dreamed we would share our life with! We would love the opportunity to sit and talk with you so you can see firsthand the kind of parents we would be to your child.

We are fortunate that there are lots of kids in our neighborhood, and plenty of room to ride bikes and play games. There are several zoos close by, and the local zoo just got red pandas that we are looking forward to seeing. There are also lots of natural areas, wide open spaces, soccer fields, a baseball field, running and dog walking trails, and a playground. We like to go for hikes on the weekend with our dog Seamus. After Delaney died, we only lasted 4 weeks without a new dog because the house was too quiet. We visited the SPCA to adopt a dog and there he was. I named him Seamus on the way home because he had Irish red hair like Frank.

About Elizabeth

I spent my early childhood in North Carolina, where my brother and I were both born (I am 4 years older than him). Both of my parents were teachers, and I have always loved books and reading, so I taught my baby brother to read long before he went to kindergarten. I loved the book “Little Women” and all of the Nancy Drew stories and especially the Hardy Boys on TV. One of my most vivid childhood memories is when we went to see one of the Star Wars movies. The show started at dinner time, so my Dad snuck in a whole pizza under his raincoat for us to eat! My brother and I still laugh about that story.

In the summer we would take trips to visit my grandparents either in the mountains of North Carolina or at the Outer Banks. In the mountains, my brother and I loved to watch the horses next door and my grandmother would put us to work picking vegetables in the garden. At the beach, I loved to stay out longer than anyone else reading and waiting for the sun to go down. My grandmother taught me how to cross-stitch. My grandfather taught us the joy of walking on the beach and looking for shells, always keeping an eye out for the dolphins swimming by. When we visited my South Carolina grandparents it was all about playing with my 9 cousins. We would run around the yard playing hide & go seek, catching fireflies at night, and playing marathon Monopoly games. My grandmother was an incredible cook in addition to being an award-winning gardener – and she taught the women’s studies Sunday School class for 50 years. Sometimes, she would ask me to play the piano for her Sunday School class. I want to continue all of the special traditions I learned from my grandparents with my children.

About Frank

I have been surrounded, supported and inspired by family for as long as I can remember. Being the youngest of 6 boys in a close knit Catholic family will do that. Naturally I was picked on as the baby of the family, but I was also protected and encouraged as much as possible, whether it was while warming the bench for my Little League team or winning first place in the school science fair for my report on the behavior of mice (yes I had 2 pet mice). Having a teacher for a father, who encouraged equal parts school and play activities, also played a huge part in my upbringing. My father was also a polio survivor who only had use of one arm but that didn’t stop him from throwing me groundballs in the hope that I would be a Little League star and, in my mind, one day play right field for the Phillies.

Being the youngest, I developed a very independent and rebellious streak that carried over into my adulthood when I quit college and left home at age 18, preferring the school of life to a more formal education. I worked a variety of jobs, from bars and restaurants, to tending flowers and landscaping, to house painting, enjoying and learning from each new experience. I started working for a large office services company as a bike messenger in my hometown in my early twenties and remain there in a larger capacity until the present day. I pride myself on being the most knowledgeable, personable and helpful employee and coworker where I deal with a vast majority of the legal and business community in the region.

In Closing

Thank you for choosing to read our story and considering us for this most precious gift. We appreciate how incredibly difficult this decision must be for you, and we can only promise with all of our hearts that if you choose us, you will never regret it. This child will always feel safe and loved and know that your decision was the ultimate act of love that made us a family. We wish you a healthy pregnancy and the ability to find peace and comfort in your decision.

Warmest wishes,
Elizabeth and Frank


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