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Christine, Patrick and Kimberly

Dear Birthmother,

We know that your decision to choose adoption for your child is motivated by love, and cannot imagine the feelings you have now as you embark on this journey. We admire your courage, your selflessness, and your respect for life so much.

We were blessed by the miracle of adoption when our daughter, Kimberly, came into our lives. We hope and pray that we will again be able to welcome another child into our family. Becoming parents has been the greatest joy of our lives. We are so grateful to her birth parents for making our dream of parenthood come true. Please know that if you choose us as adoptive parents, we will honor your decision by raising your child with the greatest of love and respect. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration.

About US

We are the best of friends, and believe that our communication, trust, love, friendship and dedication to each other have made our marriage successful. Our faith has also helped us through the challenges every couple faces. We enjoy being together and are grateful for all of the blessings in our lives. We were both fortunate to be raised by loving and supportive parents and always had a lot of family and friends to care, guide and encourage us growing up.

Becoming parents was a dream we had from the moment we got married. When we learned that biology was not on our side with respect to conceiving a child, we were heartbroken. However, we soon learned that God had a different plan for us. We were blessed in 2011 when our daughter Kimberly was Adoptive parents, Christine and Patrickborn, and are so grateful to her birthparents for entrusting us with her. Kimberly is a sweet, kind, loving little girl who fills every day with smiles! We were so blessed to visit little Kimberly in the nursery and spend time with her birthmom as well. We treasure those memories, and feel a deep bond with her to this day. We will always send her updates and pictures to keep her posted on how Kimberly is learning and growing. We love getting emails from her, too. Even though Kimberly is only 2, we already tell her about her birthparents. We want to instill in her the deepest of love and respect for their adoption plan. We want her to know how much she was loved from the moment of her birth. We always say she is lucky because she has the love of so many people from near and far!

Our days are spent laughing, playing, and learning. We live in a wonderful neighborhood with lots of little children who play together almost every afternoon. The playground is just a block away and Kimberly loves the “wheeee!” (Translation: swing) so we spend lots of time there. We love “family dinners” – at home, or with our family and friends who live nearby. Christine’s parents (aka, Grammy and Gramps) live about 5 minutes away, so we spend lots of time over there.

Holidays are an extra-special time for our families. For Thanksgiving, if we’re not hosting, we spend it with Christine’s Aunt and Uncle, who have upwards of 30 people there. It is always a blast! Christmas is always very special, too. Christine LOVES decorating, so she has a tree-trimming party where all of the neighborhood kids come over, listen and play Christmas music, and decorate the tree. On Christmas Eve we always go to church. All year round, we love having families and friends over all the time for informal dinners, play-dates and parties!


I grew up in a wonderful family. My parents have the best marriage I have ever seen. They have been married 38 years. Their love and dedication to one another is truly inspiring. They love being with one another – and even go to the grocery store together! I have one brother, who is 14 months younger than me and we have a very close relationship. Growing up, my parents loved us unconditionally. They always were positive and encouraging and allowed us to pursue our interests and develop our personalities. My mother was a teacher, so education was very important to us as a family. We read a lot and diligently did our homework. My parents taught us to treat everyone we met with the utmost kindness, love and respect. Even though they were strict, they were also loving and forgiving. They demanded that we always do our best – but when we didn’t, they still told us how much we were loved and helped us to make a better decision in the future.

Being a Mommy is amazing. My interests and activities are obviously now centered on Kimberly -- going for walks, hitting the nearby park, reading books, playing with Elmo, and dancing! Kimberly loves music, so we sing a lot and have even attended music classes together. When I play the piano, Kimberly is always nearby singing along! Her favorite songs for now are “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “Happy Birthday.” We recently took swimming lessons and she was like a little fish! During my spare time, I enjoy cooking, gardening and running, too. I truly believe that every day is a gift because of the joy and blessing of my husband and daughter. I cannot wait to continue to grow our family and share our love with another child.


Growing up the youngest of four children, I would always want to tag along with my two brothers wherever they went. There was always something going on in the neighborhood or our elementary school. We flew kites, played all kinds of sports, and launched model rockets. Since there were fewer girls in our area, my sister would make me play with her sometimes too and they are great memories. After all this time, I am still the closest with her. Every summer, we spent a week as a family at an old farmhouse in the country. During the day we would play outside in the field or the woods. At night, my parents would set out some board games or bring out the deck of cards and we would all play around the kitchen table until it was time for bed.

As a teacher and a coach, I love interacting with children of all ages. I enjoy seeing my students and athletes grow as the year goes on. I also love watching our daughter grow with each passing day. One day she hears a word and before you know it, she is saying it without prompting. At other times, she will hear a song and will sing part of it back at a random time. It truly is amazing and I feel so blessed that she is in my life.

KimberlyKimberly loves to play with her toy piano.

From the moment Kimberly wakes up in the morning, she is singing or talking to herself in her crib. Once she is fed and dressed, she wants to play outside and walk around the block. If the weather is not nice, she will push her stroller around the house with Elmo in the seat. Elmo is by far her favorite stuffed animal. She also likes to play with her toy instruments and Christine’s piano. Since she was too short to reach the keys, Kimberly’s uncle and aunt gave her a toy piano for her first birthday. Kimberly will sit at it and play for five minutes or more (which is like an hour in toddler time). Some of her other favorite toys are her play kitchen and princess castle. Her “imaginary meals” are delicious and we love watching her play and babble to herself. Reading is also something Kimberly loves to do. One of her favorite books is about dogs, which she always picks up first.

Kimberly also has a lot of cousins on both sides of her family. The older cousins like to play with her and show her some of their old toys that were their favorites. The younger ones love to play with Kimberly as if she was a sister to them. Her giggles and laughter are contagious to everyone who is near. We know that Kimberly would make a great big sister.

In Closing

Christine and Partick are hoping to adopt another child.Thank you for letting us share a little piece of our family with you. We hope that your decision for adoption will include us. We will provide a loving, stable and nurturing home filled with love and laughter. We teach by example the importance of being kind, loving, trustworthy, giving, and dependable. We will guide our children to be open-minded and appreciate diversity. We will respect their individuality and help them to develop to their full potential.

Please know that we will love your baby to the depths of our heart and soul. Your bravery and strength are a great inspiration to us and we will honor your decision every day of our lives.

Christine, Patrick, and Kimberly


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