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Unplanned Pregnancy-Birth Parents: Is Adoption Right For Me
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Is Adoption Right for Me


Some pregnancies are planned while many others are totally unexpected. You may already be raising one or more small children all alone; you may be in school with dreams of an exciting career or, you may have already raised your children and are surprised by yet another pregnancy that could mean having to start all over again. Whatever brought you to consider an adoption plan, we at ANA Adoptions can help you with the many questions you may have. An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and alone. We’re here to provide you with assistance and emotional support during this time of decision and are always just a phone call away.

“The staff at ANA helped me turn a really difficult time in my life into a life-changing experience that I will always be proud of.   I have no worries or second thoughts about the choice I made for my son.   I know he is in a wonderful home with loving parents - parents that I chose for him.  This may have been an unplanned pregnancy but I know in my heart that it worked out for the best. My son has an amazing family.”

The Adoption Process

 Facing an unplanned pregnancy and making a decision that is right for you and your child can be daunting. We are here to help you understand your adoption options. When you call us we will answer the questions you have and even some you might not have thought of yet. Once you are comfortable with moving forward with your adoption plan we will send you the Adoption Profile Book of the family you liked on our website or perhaps you want to learn about some of our other waiting adoptive families.  You can review the Profile Books and then we will schedule a conference call with the family you wish to learn more about as possible parents for your child. During the conference call, we are on the phone with you and the adoptive family to help everyone feel more comfortable. Once you have decided that this is the right family for your child, we will help coordinate medical care and coverage, legal representation, counseling and financial help as allowed. From the time of your initial contact with ANA, through delivery and for as long as we are needed afterwards, we are here for you. It could be weeks, months or years. 

Providing attentive and thoughtful care throughout the adoption process is our foremost priority.

After the Adoption Placement and Contact...

Watching your child bond with their new adoptive family at the hospital will be reassuring to you. It is also the time of realization when you will separate yourself physically from this new life that you have nurtured over the last nine months. We will never tell you that it will be an easy transition. On the contrary, every mother finds her strength in her own way. We can offer you a full range of post-adoption counseling and support services because while your life will go forward, this baby will always be a part of you and remain in your heart. 

Many families continue to correspond after the birth of the baby. Cards and letters are exchanged and many couples forward videos so you can “see” how well the baby is doing.  Your plan will be what you and the adoptive family want it to be.  Some women choose to have no contact, while others might want assurances for a period of time or even a written agreement. We are available to help you in whatever way you wish.  The decision is yours.


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Birthparents with an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy can contact ANA Adoptions to learn more about giving a baby up for adoption.