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ANA Adoptions: Birthparent Testimonials
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In Their Words - Birthparent Testimonials

"When I learned I was pregnant, I cried and felt totally alone. My boyfriend took off after telling me to get an abortion – something I knew I couldn’t do. Just because this pregnancy was unplanned, it didn’t mean this baby wasn’t already loved by me! I called a friend who had placed their baby for adoption a year ago and she told me to call Andrea at ANA. I called that night, found an amazing couple within a couple of days and felt really good about going forward with the pregnancy and my new plan! This was the best decision I could have made and I have no regrets. They helped me with some of my bills because I stopped working. I keep in touch and love to see how great my daughter is doing. She is happy and healthy and in a wonderful home. That call to ANA changed so many lives, including mine, my daughter's and the family who loves her as much as me."
- Sara 

"I’m so glad that I called you with my decision because it made it go a little smoother for everything."
- Amy

"I must admit; there is never a day that goes by that I don’t think about Abigail, but it is always in a way that puts a smile on my face. I cannot tell you how much it puts my worries at ease knowing that we made the right decision."
- Chris

Unwanted pregnancy? Birthparents should learn more about giving a baby up for adoption.



"ANA Adoptions helped turn what I thought was the worst situation of my life into a plan that made a big difference to me and my baby. When I met Sue and Richard, they told me about all the miscarriages and even a still birth they had. I never realized how hard it was for some people to have a baby. For me, I just breathed and seemed to get pregnant! Finally, they have a beautiful daughter to raise and they’re doing an awesome job at parenting her! I know I was a good mother when I made this plan. I had three other kids to raise and bringing another one home was just not an option. We took pictures of all of my kids together a few days after the I came home from the hospital. Sue and Rich were great and we keep in touch by calls and texts and of course, tons of pictures. I am still a part of their lives and they’ll always be part of mine!"
- Michelle

"When you looked at me and said hello I thought to myself these are the people that I wanted my little girl to be with."
- Kelly

"I am very grateful that they are willing to keep in touch with me and still let me be a part of her life."
- Jennifer

"I want you guys to know that I have had a really screwed up life and, to know that I made someone’s life better, that is the best gift in the whole wide world."
- Stephanie