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Birthparents Adoption Plan: After Placement Contact
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After Placement Contact

Watching your child bond with their new adoptive family at the hospital will be reassuring to you. It is also the time of realization when you will separate yourself physically from this new life that you have nurtured over the last nine months. We will never tell you that it will be an easy transition. On the contrary, every mother finds her strength in her own way. We can offer you a full range of post-adoption counseling and support services because, while your life will go forward, this baby will always be a part of you and remain in your heart. 

Many families continue to correspond after the birth of the baby. Cards and letters are exchanged and many couples forward videos so you can “see” how well the baby is doing.  Your plan will be what you and the adoptive family want it to be.  Some women choose to have no contact, while others might want assurances for a period of time or even a written agreement. We are available to help you in whatever way you wish.  The decision is yours.