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Adoption Process-Birthparents-Adoptive Families
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Why Choose ANA

Smiling children of an adoptive couple made possible by an adoption agency.

ANA Adoptions has been working with Birthparents and Adoptive Families directly for more than 15 years.  While we are a small agency, working with no more than 20 waiting families at a time, our commitment to you is huge and our desire is to help you become parents to the child God meant for you to parent.   We get to know our adoptive families well, and foster a good relationship with the Birthmothers. We work with you through all the steps of the adoption journey answering your questions and keeping things moving forward.  ANA is there with you from the beginning with assisting in the preparation of your Adoption Profile Book, guiding you through the first conference call with a birthparent, advising you throughout your adoption journey and celebrating your adoption finalization. Providing attentive and thoughtful care throughout the adoption process is our foremost priority.

What we at ANA Adoptions do for you ... (Services Provided)

  • Placement of advertisements in proven publications and on the Internet
  • Feature our Waiting Families on our website
  • Monitor the "hotline" 24/7, carefully screening calls
  • Provide Assistance in preparation of your Adoption Profile Book
  • Forward your Adoption Profile Book immediately to Birthparent upon request
  • Follow up on all prospective situations
  • Network with Hospitals/Schools/Social Service Agencies
  • Ongoing support throughout the adoption experience
  • Coordination and Monitoring of Birthparent Conference Call
  • Obtain medical/social history of Birthmother and Birthfather (when possible)
  • Coordinate payments of living expenses where allowed
  • Assist with decisions regarding post placement contact
  • Ongoing communication with all parties involved throughout the pregnancy and after you come home with your child

Adoptive parents contact ANA to learn more.