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ANA Adoptions: Licensed Adoption Agency-Adoptive Couples
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ANA Adoptions (ANA) is a small but compassionate and caring licensed adoption agency.  We provide services to women of all ages and from all walks of life who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Our program also provides a comprehensive outreach program to assist these women in locating a couple or family for their unborn childWe continue to support her throughout her adoption plan both during the pregnancy and after placement.

ANA offers an advertising/networking program designed to assist couples contemplating adoption. We advertise nationwide in home-delivered publications across the US and we also have a very strong Internet presence.   In addition to our print advertising program, the ANA website contains a highlighted “Waiting Families” section.  A birthmother can view an  Profile Book Vignette of each of our families and then request a full Adoption Profile Book or move forward to the conference call so she can speak directly with the couple/family she wishes to learn more about.  We also network for you when we become aware of birthmothers seeking a family for her child through our professional contacts throughout the country. We are available to speak at schools, pregnancy crisis centers and maternity homes. We meet with many social service providers and doctors in the community to make them aware of our agency’s program. Our number one goal is to connect families with compassion and care.

ANA reaches out to pregnant women across the country, advising that we have numerous loving and legally approved couples from whom they may select a family for their child. Our toll free number is answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with compassion and understanding. Immediately after being contacted by a woman contemplating adoption, a Profile Book of the couple she liked from our website or a group of couples in our program are sent to her overnight.  She can then read about you and view your pictures. She then decides if you or one of our other families might be the right family for her child.

We work with no more than 20 couples at any time so everyone in our program receives optimum exposure. While we help birthmothers from all over the United States, we provide services to Adoptive Couples residing in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.  This geographic is limited because it is our promise to every Birthmother that we have extensively interviewed the couples who seek to adopt through ANA Adoptions.

The majority of couples working with ANA Adoptions have been matched within a one year period of time. Most couples, once selected by a birthmother, communicate through telephone conversations and texts, and have the opportunity to meet this courageous woman prior to the birth of the baby. This familiarity has proven to insure a feeling of comfort and security on the part of both adoptive parents and birthparents. Perhaps the most important aspect of this communication process allows you, the adoptive parents, to actively and positively share in the arrival of your son or daughter and to learn as much as possible about their birthparent(s).  Sharing that family history is very important and something your child will always cherish.

Adoptive couples looking for more information on private adoption are urged to contact ANA Adoptions.