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About ANA Adoptions: Non Profit Licensed Agency
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ANA Adoptions (ANA) is a non-profit and non-traditional licensed agency founded because of our personal connection to Birthmothers and Adoptive Couples alike.  Adoption can and should be a loving relationship of all parents involved who, above all, care about the future of a very special child.   We assist birthparents all across the United States—bringing together women who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy, with couples who are unable to become pregnant or carry a child to full term. We pride ourselves in providing adoption services in a caring and compassionate way and above all else, by giving personal attention to everyone involved in the adoption triangle.  You will never have to repeat your story twice.  Because we are a smaller agency, we get to know you and your circumstances.   We hope after speaking with us, you will realize the personal level of care and concern we provide.