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Andrea Totaro-Executive Director-ANA Adoptions
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Meet Our Executive Director

Andrea Totaro

Andrea has over thirty years of adoption experience, working closely with adoptive parents as well as birthparents.Andrea is the Director and co-founder of ANA Adoptions. She has over thirty years of adoption experience, working closely with adoptive parents as well as birthparents. Andrea is in the office around-the-clock, answering hot-line calls from birthparents and providing them with immediate attention and adoption information. She is also readily available to couples, beginning with the preparation of their profile book, guiding them through that first conference call with a birthparent and then advising throughout the adoption journey. Andrea also continues close contact with birthparents throughout their pregnancy.

Andrea began her career in adoption on a date with Attorney Sam Totaro when she accompanied him to a hospital to assist in an adoption. This was the Totaros’ very first placement in what has proven to be a marriage devoted to families and adoption. Over the years, Andrea and Sam have opened their home to women in need of a place to stay, answered pregnancy hotlines, accompanied women to doctor’s appointments, and offered reassurance and friendship both during and after the adoption process.

After losing their first child to a stillbirth, they too hoped that adoption would be their answer to building a family. Andrea and Sam are proud parents of two children, both adopted at birth and now in their twenties. They have successfully maneuvered from the first call advising of imminent parenthood through college boards and beyond. It has been a wonderful journey! While their ties are not through a bloodline their bond in love is as strong as any conventional family. Andrea and Sam will forever hold a special place in their hearts for the two brave and courageous women who entrusted their children’s lives and future to them.

In 2005, Andrea received the prestigious Congressional “Angels in Adoption Award” in Washington, D.C., honoring her commitment to Birthparents and Adoptive Families alike. Click here to read the article.